Outdoor Recreation in Texas

It holds to reason that a state as big and varied as Texas would be a fantastic destination for outdoor adventures. Texas has hundreds of state parks readily available for lovers of clean air and nature. McCurtain County is home to several of them.

McCurtain County consists of some of the most beautiful land in the area. It is home to the most ancient stands of pine anyplace in the world. It is on Life Magazine's list of the "top places to see throughout your lifetime." The county is covered with trails for all skill levels, ranging in length from one to 16 miles. Terrain also differs in intensity, from gentle, rolling flatlands to rugged mountain climbs. The trails aren't just limited to hikers either. Many of them are available to mountain bikers, and the various trails keep hikers and bikers apart.

Three of the best parks to visit in this area are Inks Lake, Garner, and Beaver's Bend. Beaver's Bend, in particular, is a fantastic park for hiking and spending time. There are lodges offered for rent for the less adventurous hiker, and many have a fantastic view of the lake. Beaver's Bend is three hours away from Dallas in southwest Oklahoma, but is well worth the time it requires to get there, specifically if you love hiking diversity. The dried up river beds, rocky ridges and deep lush underbrush make for an exciting trekking adventure.

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