Don't Forget the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu, the ancient lost city of the Incas, was erected over six hundred years ago. To this day, archeologists and historians do not understand what purpose the area served. Some suggest it was a prison, while others believe it was an agricultural experimental center for growing a variety of crops. Regardless of what its use may have been, the area is incredible. Stone blocks intricately carved to fit tightly against each other without mortar form the foundation of the structures. The area itself, stuck 2400 meters above sea-level on the rugged side of a mountain, creates a mystical feel that cannot be duplicated.

To get a liberated appreciation for Machu Picchu, you need to walk the entire Inca Trail. This 45 kilometer path, starting near Cusco, is a fascinating adventure and insight into the lifestyle of the Inca. To walk the trail you will need to be in reasonably good shape, and spend the extra money for a tour guide and porters to carry your equipment. The trail will carry you up and down mountainsides, with a variety of sub-climates and terrains. But along the way, you will find a variety of other ruins, including Runkuracay, the Village of Chinchero, and Dead Woman’s Pass, to name a few.

To enjoy the journey, make sure you have a very comfortable pair of hiking boots and several changes of clothing to accommodate the varying weather conditions. The walk will be unforgettable, as you will cross through sub-tropical jungle, rugged mountain terrain, and rivers. There will be one of a kind and nearly extinct species of animals, plants, and insects everywhere along the way and the sight of the mountain ranges and valleys from the trail is stunning.

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