Family Travel - Fun in San Antonio, Texas

Of all your possible locations when visiting Texas, San Antonio should be at the top of the list. San Antonio is one of the most popular choices for families on vacation heading to Texas, and it's no surprise why. The diversity and selection of things to do can easily entertain every member of the family.

First off, there's the Alamo; the story we all learned in school. This ought to be your first stop in San Antonio, so the whole family can get a feeling for that time 150 years ago when Texans were fighting to maintain control of this mission. It will amaze all of you how small the Alamo actually is, in contrast to the monumental structure we all made it out to be when we were told the tale growing up.

After the Alamo, go down to Riverwalk. This riverside roadway, constructed some 20 feet below the surface of the actual city itself, almost puts you into isolation as you walk past its restaurants, hotels, and shops. For a really brilliant experience, stop in at one of the Mexican restaurants on Riverwalk and enjoy some authentic Mexican delicacies. It's really different than what you might believe.

Make sure the family has a good time by going to Six Flags or one of the several water parks in the region while you visit. Everyone will love the slides and tube rides at one of these parks, and of course Six Flags needs no description. It's a fantastic day of enjoyable rides and food. There are a lot of other things to do as well while in San Antonio, but make sure these things top your list.

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