Non-profits and Travel Incentive Coupons

Many non-profit organizations are having difficulties collecting donations for their charity because of the many disasters with the economy. A good plan to solicit more donations is with a travel incentive coupon. I mean, which do you think would receive more attention, a $50 gift card, or a vacation to Hawaii? The solution is pretty obvious to me. Travel incentive coupons sell for huge savings, sometimes only pennies on the dollar. You can buy these coupons through a broker for huge discounted savings because many times hotels know they cannot fill all of their openings during the off season. The answer to this is to offer travel incentive coupons to help keep those vacant rooms from going to waste. The same goes for airlines because they do not want to fly a handful of people to Hawaii when they can book a whole plane by offering a huge discount.

Travel incentive coupons are something you should seriously consider and they are 100% legitimate. They are also excellent for motivating employees to work harder. Travel incentive coupons can be sent out to donors or people who you are trying to receive pledges from. They will nearly always fit in a standard size envelope so you won’t have to pay much postage. Many of these coupons tout deals for pennies on the dollar and can be used for hotel, airfare, and even cruises. Everybody gains with travel incentive coupons, including the travel industry who offers them.

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