Traveling Peru's Charming, Lesser-Known Points of Interest

If you’re considering vacationing in ancient Peru but don’t want to go where everyone else goes and see what everyone else sees, don’t worry – there are still plenty of things to do and see. Even if you don’t want to travel to Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca or the Andes Mountains, you can still see sites just as breathtaking and do things that are just as much fun. We’ve taken the time to list a few of them here.

The best and most current archeological find in the western hemisphere was discovered only 20 years ago in Lambayeque. The Lord of Sipan, a Moche ruler, had his tomb recently excavated, and the artifacts are now on arrangement in the museum named in his honor. To see and truly appreciate all of the prized and precious metal objects and incomparably rare pottery, it would take at least a couple of days. No doubt, spending a day there will be fascinating and enlightening.

Peru is not normally considered for its white sandy beaches, but those in northern Peru are absolutely fabulous. A stay in the towns of Mancora or Tumbes can offer either a picturesque, bed and breakfast style experience, or an extravagant resort vacation. Both of these places near the border with Equador offer gourmet cuisine, kite surfing opportunities, and access to the stunning Pyramids of Tacume, 26 adobe brick structures built hundreds of years ago.

And you can’t leave Peru without seeing the mystery and beauty of the Amazon jungle. One of the best places to encounter it is in a wilderness reserve in the north called Pacaya-Samiria. The scene is remote, but there are a number of rivers and tributaries around the area, and day trips and excursions to get there. Any visitor wanting to spend additional time in this area can camp at one of the immaculate reservations, go fishing in the rivers, or do some bird watching from the marshlands. Covered walkways are located all throughout the preserve, bringing the jungle to you.

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