Traveling within the U.S.

You do not have to go abroad to discover new places and relax. Read this article to find out more about the best places to go to in the U.S. and start planning your next road trip!

National parks are perfect for nature lovers or anyone who needs to take a break from their busy routines. Do you have a stressed spouse? Take him or her to the closest national park for a week of camping, fishing, hiking and family fun. Every state as a few national parks; visit the U.S. National Park Service website to find out more about these different parks and look for specific activities. Going to national parks is a great opportunity to learn more about wildlife, fossils, explorers and natural phenomenons.

If you want warm weather and some water to swim in, head out to the coast. The U.S. has thousands of miles of coastline and a lot of lakes. You can choose between different states and areas; go to Southern California if you want to enjoy the beach as well as the busy night life and many cultural activities of Los Angeles and San Diego. If you want to be closer to nature, go above San Francisco or further up on the coastline. The Pacific Ocean is not the only option; there are many beaches in Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Alabama and Florida. If you do not mind the colder temperature of the Atlantic Ocean, the East Coast is a great destination too.

The key to finding an interesting destination within the U.S. is to select a state that has few things in common with the area where you live. Look for a different weather and a different culture. Hawaii is probably the most exotic location within the U.S., but you can find a place just as exotic in Milwaukee if you live in a Southern state. The U.S. is a large enough country to include completely different cultures and landscapes. You should do more research about different areas; look for pictures on the internet and watch documentaries to get a better idea of what to expect.

If you are into extreme sports and enjoy the outdoors, go to the Rockies. This is the ideal place to hike, climb or ski in the wintertime. The Rockies spread across six states; you have the choice between different landscapes and should easily find other diverse activities in the state you chose. If you want to ski, you should plan on going to Idaho or Montana in the winter. Wyoming, Utah and Colorado are ideal for hiking, canoeing and rock climbing in the spring. Plan your activities ahead of time and do some research on the Internet to find out which spots are best for the activities you plan on doing. Find a guide or an experienced friend if you plan on trying out new activities.

Consider these different options and do more research about different states. You should easily find something that sounds both interesting and relaxing for everyone.

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