Tui Tai
Countries Visted: Fiji
7 days / Trip Code: TUI100
$2990.00 (double / per person)

Trip Overview:
>Pacific Cultural Triangle
>Somosomo Village
>Bouma National Heritage Park
>Rabi and Kioa islands
>Rainbow Reef
>Cobia island

This Adventure Includes:
>We mean that everything is included: every
service, mixed drink, glass of wine or beer,
every meal, all scuba diving(even dive courses),
snorkeling, kayaking, spa treatments - everything.
>Once you board the Tui Tai, the details are in our
hands, and your only responsibility is to have
the experience of a lifetime.

This Adventure Does Not Include:
>International airfare and taxes
>Domestic airfare and taxes if required

Service Level:
Exclusive Luxury (The Exclusive Luxury Level features 4 star + accommodations. Some lodges may be remote and do provide the same level of service. Local cuisine meals provide if noted.)

Physical Demand Rating:
1 (Very Easy)

Departure Info:

Additional Trip Notes:

Adventure Type:
Adventure Cruises, Luxury Exclusives

Budget: $2501 ~ $5000

Days: 7

Day 1:
Natewa Bay
Take a stunning coastal drive from Savusavu to Natewa Bay, where you’ll board the Tui Tai, drop your gear off in your room and nibble on locally-sourced snacks while receiving a foot massage. Jump in for a quick swim, snorkel or scuba dive and, after lunch, kayak along the protected, completely undeveloped coastline of Natewa Bay, the second largest bay in the southern hemisphere. Back aboard, we raise sail with the sunset at our backs.

Day 2:
Tunuloa Peninsula
Start your day with a snorkel or dive with the giant manta rays. These graceful creatures gather at a confluence of currents that bring them their breakfast. Watch as they glide effortlessly around you. Then, we head ashore to visit with Rabi’s Micronesian people, hearing their stories, experiencing their culture and marveling at their elaborate and powerful dances. From their Tabiang settlement, hike up the island’s gentle slope to visit schoolchildren while taking in sweeping vistas of the Tunuloa Peninsula and mouth of Natewa Bay. Relax on white sand beaches before we serve you dinner at surf’s edge like a true Pacific Islander–complete with underground oven.

Day 3:
After breakfast, we hike along the coast to the frontier-like outpost of Somosomo, crossing over the International Dateline en route to Waitavala, where you’ll slide down a series of naturally occurring waterslides and pools. Divers, explore Rainbow Reef, where byzantine coral gardens of The Farm and Nakawa Point will amaze. Take your lunch onboard Tui Tai as we sail across the Somosomo Strait to Kioa Island, visiting the island’s master craftspeople and fishers before they present a traditional "Fatele" performance, showcasing Polynesian ancestry.

Day 4:
Ringgold Atolls
With the main islands in our rearview mirror, we anchor among the Ringgold Atolls, surrounded by a barrier reef that creates a tranquil lagoon teeming with life and vibrant color. On Cobia, hike to the volcanic island’s summit along natural tree root steps, then explore the crater’s mystic lagoon on kayak or stand-up paddleboard. Throughout the day, you can dive in waters with visibility exceeding 120 feet, picnic on remote island beaches and savor a massage in our mobile island spa.

Day 5:
Taveuni - Bouma National Heritage Park
We arrive at Taveuni, Fiji’s "garden island" and home to the Bouma National Heritage Park, one of the region’s greatest conservation sites and ecotourism destinations. Hike along Bouma Road, passing villagers en route to the park. Once there, simply relax in lush rainforests, enjoy a massage in front of roaring waterfalls and swim around the huge, serene pool. In the afternoon, visit the villagers of Wiwi and enjoy their Melanesian cultural performance.

Day 6:
Qamea Island
Setting sail once more, we head for Qamea Island. Along the way, we linger along stunning snorkel and dive sites, as well as world-class surf breaks for those looking to ride the waves. We soon arrive at Qamea, a beautifully rugged place replete with rainforests and gorgeous tropical beaches. In the morning, paddle upriver through the island’s interior, passing dense mangrove forests and keeping a close eye out for exotic flora and fauna.

Day 7:
Island of Rabi
We return to the island of Rabi, now on the protected waters of Albert Cove. Days like today are why we maintain such an enviable collection of sporting gear–use it all to your heart’s content. Kayak, snorkel, scuba dive, play beach volleyball with the travel partners who’ve now become like family. Recover with spa treatments on a remote beach as the South Pacific laps rhythmically in the background, and memories of the week’s adventures dance through your head.

Day 8:
Your journey wraps up where it began, in Savusavu. The Tui Tai crew sincerely hopes you come see us again. We bid farewell by serenading you with, "I levu tu na ua...mai na Tui Tai, nanuma tiko ga," or, "Soon you’ll be sailing far across the sea, but please, sometime, just try and remember us and remember the Tui Tai."

- End of Our Services -

Pre-Trip Travel Information:
Planning for your vacation requires research and fact gathering. Please take a look at the Essentials page and the Guidebook icon located at each country home page Our mini guidebook page to each destination provides general information, facts, what to expect, weather & season facts and some helpful tips to make your trip more enjoyable.

Cancellation Policy:

For More information, please review our Term & Conditions link
60 or more days: $150
30-60 days: $300 Advance payment cost unless deposit is higher
29–8 days: 40% of trip cost
7–0 days No refund

Client Note:
Some cruises and operators may require an additional deposit and have different cancellation policies. We will advise this at time of reservation. We strongly recommend travel insurance.

Required Deposit Per Person:

Deposit Note:
A required deposit per person is $300.00 unless otherwise noted. The balance is due within 60 days of departure. This may vary depending on destination and requirements of our travel partners.

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