Unique Texas Locations Guarantee Fun

There is definitely no shortage of things to do and see while you're visiting Texas. You can have excitement by paying either a good deal of money or a little, depending on your taste. Naming the things to do throughout the entire state would fill an encyclopedia, so here are just a couple of the several things you can take in while you're there.

One of the finest water parks in the U.S. is in Texas, and it's referred to as Schlitterbahn. The facility is really two parks merged —one an older nostalgic "muddy water" slide and lazy river park — the other a more modern, chlorinated park with thrilling water slides and a second lazy river. Most likely the most fascinating thing at the park is its Water Roller Coaster, a ride that consists of twists and turns and even uphill runs on water jets. The selection of things to do will make everybody in the family happy, whether they want relaxation or thrills.

A different kind of water ride, one that's much more soothing, is the Guadalupe River. The river is set up with stations to rent inner tubes and floats and different courses, ranging from one to four hours. Guests can get a tube and float lazily straight down the river, enjoying the sun and partaking of their favorite beverage along the way. There are even sites to stop and have a picnic on shore. This Texas pastime is a quiet, serene day-long activity that a family, group of friends or an individual can take pleasure in.

If you're a thrill seeker or want to see for yourself that ghosts truly exist, head straight down to San Antonio to the Haunted Railroad Crossing. The story of the crossing goes back 60 years ago to a group of kids on a school bus that got stranded on the tracks just as a train arrived. The tale now goes that if a car is stuck on the tracks, it will be pushed off by children's hands from the rear. Many claim to have had this happen to them, and a handful of have gone as far as sprinkling flour on their bumpers, only to see the small handprints after they've rolled off. The site has developed quite a bit recently, and it's difficult to get a turn on the tracks. But if you truly want an adventure, this is one location you surely want to go.

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