Power Trip Perhaps? Your Limo Awaits!

If you travel to Texas for your vacation or just a getaway trip, try something different. Pick any area you want with any list of items to do, and then employ a limousine. See your chosen destination in fashion and comfort, and let another person worry about driving, parking and directions. Adding a limo to your outing provides an enjoyable touch of class to any day out.

Lease your experience for the day. Begin by touring the museums and sites on your list for that area. Spend as much time as you desire at each spot — your driver can wait. If you're in a busy urban area, you can be dropped off right at the front door without worry of locating a parking spot or knowing exactly where the building is.

Have a couple options pre-selected for dining before you leave for the day. Ask your driver to bring you by each one, and you can check out the ambiance and crowd at each prior to making a final decision. When you have made your choice, call and make a reservation for that evening, and then have your driver tour you around the city right up until it's time to eat.

To top off the evening, find a nightclub that fits your fashion of music or ambience and get there in style. Step out of your limo like you're a movie star and make people ponder which famous person you are. Greatest of all, you can drink and party as much as you want and never have to worry about driving home or locating a ride. Your limousine driver will be waiting to carry you back to your hotel where you can reminisce about your day of leisure.

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