Vacation to San Antonio

If you're thinking about taking a vacation to Texas, you should of course consider visiting San Antonio. San Antonio has a great array of attractions, shopping, and events that take place year-round. There is always something to do in San Antonio; it doesn't matter if you like sports, theater, entertainment, or eating, there is something for everyone.

If you have children with you then you may want to check out the Six Flags theme park, home to exotic rides and fun for everyone. There are also water parks in the area, as well as regular parks with some striking views. San Antonio is also famous for their sports teams, while there see if you can get tickets to a Spurs game. San Antonio is also home to a minor league baseball and basketball team. Once you arrive you're going to have a hard time figuring out what kind of entertainment to choose because there are so many different options. Make sure before you leave on your journey you check out what entertainment options San Antonio has to offer by looking on the Internet. San Antonio is rich in cultural entertainment, that will provide education for both you and your children. While you're in Texas make sure you check out the Alamo, a historic site where the battle of independence for Texas was fought. When you see the Alamo you will notice it is very small, and not somewhere you expect a battle to occur.

The Alamo was not a fort originally, it was a mission, and the Alamo is quite possibly one of the most visited attractions in San Antonio. Make sure you take a tour down the Riverwalk and stop at the Hard Rock Cafe for a bite to eat. The café is located right along the Riverwalk and you can't miss it. At the start of the River walk there is a boat ride you can take in case you don't feel like walking. You will pass by a building that looks as thin as a piece of paper because it is an optical illusion. It is an amazing sight.

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