Wandering Austin for the Day

When you are visiting Austin, keep in mind that there are many things to do and see in the nearby region. If time permits, venture out and take in some or all of them. Each is a distinctive trip in its very own way, with its own fun and own excitement. Here are just a couple of the choices you have:

• Music — Austin is the "Live Music Capitol of the World." Down close to Sixth Street, music flows from just about every doorway of the clubs and bars. Everything from Rock to Blues is available, depending on your taste. For the full experience, move from bar to bar and watch a little bit of all the distinct varieties.

• Inner Space Mountain — This limestone cavern was discovered not long ago during roadway development. The stalactites and stalagmites make beautiful formations that guests can visit in groups or privately. With the cavern remaining at a continuous 72 degrees year-round, it's a excellent getaway from the summertime heat, as well.

• Lake Travis — Beautiful Lake Travis is a excellent location to get out and fish or just float along. It's 62 miles long and has many hidden coves. It's an uncomplicated location to locate a peaceful place to relax in. Also, hanging out in a boat on the water or sitting on the dock of The Oasis restaurant are each terrific locations to watch the sun set.

• Congress Street Bridge — Each night from March through October over a million Mexican free-tail bats fly out from under the bridge on Congress Street. The sight is amazing as a huge dark wave billows from under the bridge at sunset. Even non-bat lovers will find this experience wonderful.

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