Cool Attractions of West Houston

When you go to Houston, you'll find that there are a lot of things to do for the entire family right inside the city. The zoo, aquarium, Johnson Space Center, and the arts, science, and cultural museums are all well liked. But for something unique and slightly less well known, depart Houston and travel west for some unusual attractions.

If oddities are your thing, west Houston has a few attractions that will make your day. The first is just off Interstate 10 and is a 50 ft. tall saxophone manufactured solely from Volkswagen Beetles. This sculpture, initially set up in front of a restaurant to attract customers, is now all that remains of the complex. But it is still a large attraction for those who remember the old "Route 66" days and its string of uncommon roadside icons.

An additional sight worth seeing if you're a fan of "the unusual" is the house created completely of beer cans and pull-tabs. The "Beer Can House," as it's known, is constructed totally of beer cans, including the yard fence and draperies. The people who constructed the house — its original owners — drank the beer on their own out of each and every can in the house. It's worth the trip both to see the house and also imagine how the owners managed to consume that much alcohol.

For a more tranquil and significant experience, stop by George Bush Park. The park is filled with walking and biking trails and has a unique 15-acre fenced-off dog park. It is a excellent place for swimming, picnics, playing soccer or baseball, or even going horseback riding. If you want to take in something a little different, walk over to the radio-controlled airfield inside the park and observe the enthusiasts flying their miniature models. It's amazing to see the precision with which these pilots fly their planes.

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