Medical Care while Traveling Nicaragua

Nicaraguan healthcare is not up to standard with North American or European facilities. Managua is about the only area that is able to treat emergency medical cases. Many towns have clinics and basic care, however if an emergency arises, patients must be moved to the capital. There are big hospitals in every major region in the country.

When an emergency happens, the patient is to get to the nearest facility that will receive patients. This is usually a public hospital, where situations are deplorable and treatment routines are almost non-existent. Private hospitals are cleaner and offer a little better treatment, however almost all of them function on a cash-only foundation, and you will not be taken to one unless you can prove that you, or someone with you,can pay in cash. Credit cards are not a suitable form of payment almost anyplace for emergency services.

Tourists traveling to Nicaragua are advised to be up to date with all of the vaccinations, especially Hepatitis A and B, typhoid, and rabies. A good number of modern medicines are not yet obtainable in Nicaragua, so if you are taking prescription medicine make certain you have extra to hold you through your stay in the country. If you travel to the east coast, be sure to receive an anti-malaria medicine both before and after your trip to avoid contracting the illness.

Lastly, don't presume your medical insurance plan will include care in a foreign country ; most will not. Check with your policy holder before you disembark, and validate that your policy is effective even though you are outside the US. Also make sure it will include emergency medical procedures, transportation, and evacuation. Otherwise, obtain a supplemental policy before you leave.

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